Corn Oil

Ace Ethanol Corn Distillers Oil, Feed Grade

The production of Distillers Corn Oil began in 2008, adding an additional high-value co-product. The extraction process begins with the 12,000 tons of Syrup generated as a result of ethanol production. In total, Ace produces about 8,000 tons of corn oil each year using a centrifuge system. The Distillers Corn Oil is then sold as a biodiesel feedstock in the tri-state area or as a valuable feed in the poultry and swine industries.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Fatty Acids    Min   85%
Free Fatty Acids     Max  15%
Insolubles               Max   1.0%
Unsaponifibles        Max   2.5%
Moisture                 Max    1.5%

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