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D3Max Update

As of the end of May, there have been continuous strides for our cellulose Ethanol project. Starting with the most noticeable changes, the structure around fermenters A and B have gone up. Fermenter C should have the roof set on it by 5/31, then fermenter D should have its roof set thereafter. Once all fermenter roofs are set, it will allow us to complete the structure around all the fermenter tanks in the next coming weeks. All three floor decks are poured, and we are currently working on pouring piers and miscellaneous pads for pumps and other equipment. Meanwhile we are also welding the Beerwell, installing cable trays, and setting equipment as they arrive on site. Finally, we are working on a layout for the pipe rack. Piping has already started to arrive on site for this, and the installation crew should be on site the first week of June.


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