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D3Max Update

Warm and sunny weather meant more progress for our Cellulose Ethanol Project. Hydrotesting for the tanks have begun, starting with the Beerwell. Along with this, piping is still ongoing in the fermentation and process areas. Once piping in fermentation is done, the process area will be the main focus. Valves will start to arrive the week of 8/19 which will make a great impact on the completion of the project once installed. The transformer is also scheduled to arrive the same week, on 8/20. The MCC walls are now up on the second and third floor of the building, and gear is being installed. Where space is available, we are installing transmitters and installing “girt clips” in preparation for the siding. Finally, the pipe rack support consisting of footings and piers on the North side of Distillation B are poured. When steel arrives next week, we will start on the pipe rack going into Distillation B. We should be continuing the positives strides as an increase in manpower has be available to us going forward.








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