Distilling Pure Value

This plant was built by local investors so local farmers could benefit from the increased value of the corn they grow. We reward their confidence in us by constantly improving production efficiency to produce ethanol above the official nameplate rating for this plant. In fact, ours is a culture of continuous improvement as we seek to improve everything we do.

Construction on the original 15-million-gallon ethanol plant in Stanley began in 2001. During that run-up to full operation, a CO2 plant was built in order to add CO2 and dry ice as co-products. Before long, customers signaled the need for additional capacity, so by 2004 the plant expanded to create 30 million gallons of ethanol yearly.

Establishing a second grain-receiving location called Four Corners in 2005 expanded our connection to farmers in our region. Two years later, Four Corners had grown to include 1.3 million bushels of corn storage, enhancing our ability to secure corn needed to maintain a round-the-clock production system.

Ace Ethanol acquired all Utica Energy facilities in the Oshkosh and Green Bay area in 2013, infusing our operation with new dedication for efficiency, capacity, and top-quality products. Those locations are wholly owned subsidiaries of Ace Ethanol, LLC.

Our Members and a Member Board of Directors include farmers and local investors who understand the value of a local grain marketing opportunity that results from renewable energy. We’re confident our efforts to improve this company will lead to more value for our customers, employees, and our neighbors—anyone who has a stake in the success of renewable energy and Wisconsin agriculture.

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