Of the products we create, Ethanol is clearly central. In a typical day, our plant produces an environmentally friendly and cost-effective product of 200-proof alcohol to which we add a chemical denaturant. By including the denaturant, we assure ethanol can only be used for fuel.

Each month we ship about 80 railcars and 250 truckloads of ethanol from our Stanley plant.

Co-products of ethanol production.

  • Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) and Wet Distillers Grains with Solubles (WDGS), co-products of our ethanol production, offer livestock feeders a valuable high-protein resource. Ace Ethanol produces about 360 tons of DDGS per day. WDGS are made to order upon request. Our DDGS carry a guaranteed analysis of 28% protein, 4% crude fat, and 10% crude fiber at 12.5% moisture, and our WDGS contain 10% protein at 68% moisture.
  • A steady market for the CO2 our plant generates during the refining process supplies the food and beverage industry. All CO2 we sell meets GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative Standards – a worldwide, business-driven program to achieve quality production standards) and the FDA Food Modernization Act (aimed at preventing food contamination). It’s a valued tool for meat and poultry processing, soda and beer manufacturing, and in taconite mining. Our CO2 production offers a renewable alternative to mined CO2. We also market CO2 in the form of dry ice for frozen food packing.
  • The Corn Oil extraction process begins with the 12,000 tons of Syrup created as a result of ethanol creation. Our plant produces about 8,000 tons of corn oil yearly using a centrifuge system. Corn oil from our plant is typically sold to Wisconsin buyers for animal feed and as a component in biodiesel production.

If you’re interested in purchasing dried distillers grains or wet distillers grains for your livestock operations, contact our Distillers Grain Manager Shannon Steinmetz at

New Holland Club

Farmers who provide corn for ethanol plants can get special discounts on New Holland® equipment and help the ethanol industry at the same time. To learn more, contact Don Zwicker at 715-644-5515.