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The Market's Fine Print
The market terrain of live cattle and lean hog futures in early 2018 is anything but level.
USDA Reports Preview
DTN will be keeping an eye on one number in particular in USDA's January reports.
Bankruptcy Laws Targeted
Federal lawmakers are set to introduce a bill that would prevent companies from filing Chapter 11 in their states of incorporation.
Ag Labor Tied to DACA Bill
Republican congressmen introduced the "Securing America's Future Act" on Wednesday. The bill had several provisions ending green card lottery programs and claimed to reduce overall immigration levels by 25% a year, but at the same time would increase visas for skilled workers and increase visas for agricultural workers.
RFS Standstill
Although President Donald Trump's administration and some Midwest lawmakers are urging oil and ethanol interests to have meetings of the minds to hash out Renewable Fuel Standard differences, one biofuels organization leader remains unconvinced it will happen.
Bitter Cold Affects Livestock
Cattle producers take extra effort to protect their herds from cold weather, as well as maintain carcass weight in feedlot cattle.
Todd's Take
As the U.S. Commerce Department ponders tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, China is already shunning U.S. soybean purchases.
Developing Climate-Smart Ag
Representatives from more than 30 organizations were scheduled to meet in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday for the steering committee for the North America Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance. The organizational meeting seeks to keep U.S. agriculture engaged as the United Nations works more aggressively on agriculture and climate change.
Growing Biomass
An extensive study attempts to provide insight into how farmers can benefit from growing biomass crops.
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