Marketing Your Grain

PURCHASE CONTRACTS: This corn contract allows you to lock in your cash (futures + or – basis) price for current and/or future delivery.

SELL ORDERS: Make an offer online. If you don’t have an account, call and we’ll help you set one up.

If your price is conditionally accepted, a contract is drawn up and sent to you so it can be signed. In a fast-moving market, ACE cannot guarantee any offers, so choose how long you want the order to stand.

FIXED BASIS CONTRACT: Lock in a delivery time and basis (the difference between the ACE cash price and the CBOT price). Minimum bushels for a fixed basis contract are 5,000. You get 60% of our cash price at the time of delivery and the remaining amount when the contract is priced. Lock in the futures to determine the final price for the contract. Futures must be set prior to the first delivery of the futures and only in the day session CBOT is actively trading. Basis fix cannot be rolled. This contract is for producers who think the basis level will widen and that the futures will go higher.

PRICE-LATER CONTRACT: Due to possible space issues, ACE Ethanol will limit the number of price-later bushels for each producer to 50,000 bushels during harvest. The minimum number of bushels that can be contracted during harvest is 5,000 bushels. Only contract what you’re sure you can deliver.

MINIMUM-PRICE CONTRACT: A Minimum Price Contract establishes a guaranteed base price to protect you against lower prices while still permitting participation in a rally.  The delivery period, quantity, and minimum price are established in the contract.  The upside participation is allowed through the purchase of a futures option by Ace Ethanol.  The minimum price is determined by taking the delivery period cash price and subtracting the option premium and a service charge.  We will work with you to determine the call option month and strike price that best suits your marketing goals.  In any minimum price contract the title passes to the buyer upon delivery.

HEDGE-TO-ARRIVE (Futures only): The hedge-to-arrive (HTA) contract is priced in two steps. The initial contract establishes the bushel amount, the delivery period, and the futures price. The basis then must be locked in prior to delivery or by noon on the day before first-notice day prior to the option delivery month—whichever comes first. Once the basis has been locked in, the contract becomes a cash contract. The futures month you lock in must correspond with the calendar delivery month in which you will deliver the corn. The basis will be the ACE Ethanol posted basis on the day the HTA is priced. An HTA contract is as binding as any other contract and cannot be cancelled or bought back.

Other details of HTA:

  1. The minimum bushels that can be booked at one time will be 10,000 bushels and the maximum per producer will be 100,000 bushels. Pricing must be done in no less than 25,000-bushel increments. (Any contract less than 25,000 bushels must be priced all at the same time). ACE reserves the right to limit participation in an HTA.
  2. When establishing a HTA contract, ACE will place a hedge during the CBOT day trade in order to achieve your desired price; CBOT must be trading in order to establish a HTA price.
  3. ACE will limit forward HTA contracts to 12 months. The following fees will be deducted from the futures price at contract creation:
    3 cents for 0-3 months out
    5 cents for 4-6 months out
    7 cents for 7-12 months out.
  4. One roll will be allowed for an HTA during trading hours. (Note: roll must be in the same crop year.)
    Fee = _______ months x 0.005 = _______

HTA contracts are governed by the same trade rules as cash contracts. All terms will be clearly stated on the contract.

DEFFERED PAYMENT CONTRACTS: Deliver corn and get paid for it later, but no later than 180 days from delivery. You must request a deferred contract when you sell corn—specifically when you make a cash grain contract. Once a contract is made and entered in our system, we cannot make any changes. Spot loads cannot be deferred. These contracts are only for pre-contracted grain.

The state may charge an assessment fee for any deferred payments, including price-later and basis fixed. All terms subject to change without notice.

New Holland Club

Farmers who provide corn for ethanol plants can get special discounts on New Holland® equipment and help the ethanol industry at the same time. To learn more, contact Don Zwicker at 715-644-5515.